Our Physicians

“Dr. Jewell is an amazing doctor. He treats each and everyone of his patients as though they are his only patient.”

Women experience many stages in their life that are impacted by physical, hormonal and emotional changes. We recognize that every stage is unique and women will have specific concerns.  At Associated Obstetrics & Gynecology our physicians have the knowledge and compassion to focus on your health care in all stages of life.

Considered to be some of Michigan’s most progressive obstetrics and gynecology doctors, our physicians are trained in the most advanced techniques to address gynecological and obstetric issues.  The team also provides training for other attending and resident physicians on the use of the da Vinci Surgical System and the minimally invasive surgical procedures it supports.

Our Team of Gynecologists and Obstetricians

Want to learn more about our team of OB/GYN doctors?  Some of our patients have been with us for twenty or more years, so we think it’s best if you let them tell you what makes our team special.  Visit the testimonial page to hear what our patients think about our gynecologists and obstetricians.